<strong>Disrupt<br>the cycle</strong>

About OQUO

the cycle

The best bikes deserve superior, personalized wheels that challenge the status quo. Focusing on every detail. Mixing the very best materials and designs with cutting-edge engineering. 

The endless cycle of improvement in the tireless pursuit of the perfect wheel. It is the only way we know.

OQUO was born from a desire not just to challenge the status quo but to smash it to pieces and seek new, innovative solutions. All our wheels are designed and built in the Basque Country, where cycling is more than a sport; it is a lifestyle, a heritage passed down from generation to generation. We are proud of this.

Innovation is a given at OQUO. We are engineers, innovators, material scientists, and designers, but above all, we are riders, and we understand that the best wheels are a key part of any performance bike. Our passion, experience, and know-how are key ingredients in every wheel we make.

Accurately building one pair of wheels is hard, so how do we do that over and over, with precisely the same result every time? The answer is the combination of the precision of our custom-designed robots with the accuracy and attention to detail of our highly trained builders. Focusing on every detail and combining the best materials and designs with cutting-edge engineering is integral to every wheel we make. Even if you don't notice them, you will notice how an OQUO wheel rides.