Our Control range means no excuses. MC wheels need to offer the feel and control to perform at 100% all day long, without compromising on weight or reliability.

A damaged wheel could mean the end of your race, or a long walk home.


Rims need to be stiff and strong, but by designing some compliance into the specific front rim, we can maximize that all-important front tire grip. Of course, the wider front rim optimized the tire profile, giving less roll, more predictability, and more grip.


On enduro race tracks, bikes and wheels are pushed to the limit. Our Enduro Carbon Tune, specific rim designs, and strong j-bend spokes maximize strength while the bead design maximizes impact protection, particularly on the rear wheel.


We push all of our designs to the limit, both in our test labs and on the trail in the hands of our Wrecking Crew. We are confident that you won't have any problems, but if you do, our Keep On Rolling program has your back.