<strong>We don't do breaks</strong>

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We don't do breaks

At OQUO we believe that more testing means fewer problems. We have one of the best warranty programs out there, but we hope you will never have the chance to find that out. Our testing laboratory is where we start to build confidence in our wheels, refining designs and optimizing builds.


The wheel designs which make it through this torture chamber are then handed over to the maniacs in our Wrecking Crew, who delight in finding any weakness. Putting in the extra time at the testing stage means you can relax and enjoy the ride. We have your back.


Here we simulate an impact on a rim; it could be from a hole in the road or a rock on the trail. We can tightly control the impact force, shape, and angle. Here we can test the impact strength of a rim, and by adding a tire we can also simulate how resistant to punctures each rim is.


Vertically deforming the wheels allows us to measure reliability; however, it also allows us to objectively measure the vertical compliance of each wheel and link that to real-world testing. This allows us to quickly refine designs and optimize how a wheel feels on the ride.


Twisting the wheel with an angular force as it rotates allows us to measure how much lateral flex each wheel has. We can also apply thousands of cycles to measure the long-term reliability of different materials, designs, or builds.


At OQUO we want to be as open as possible about how our wheels perform. We are constantly benchmarking against other brands, both in terms of reliability and outright performance. Here you have some data which we can share.