<strong>Precision Meets Accuracy</strong>


Precision Meets Accuracy

The best wheels start with the best ingredients. Turning those ingredients into the perfect wheel is an art that few master. The secret to the performance and reliability of each and every one of our wheels lies partly in our wheel-building facility.

This environment looks more like a laboratory than a production line, packed with technology and spotlessly clean. Here our bespoke robots work hand in hand with our highly trained wheel builders, each adding their own touch to each perfect wheel.


Our bespoke robots ensure that each build starts exactly the same way, with the same number of revolutions of each nipple, and the same order of tensioning of each spoke.

By automating this phase of wheelbuilding we increase efficiency and precision.


The final phase of the build is where the human touch is essential, and here we take all the time necessary to ensure the tightest control over the quality of each wheel

Each wheel must achieve the very tightest tolerances, both for trueness and spoke tension, or else it is automatically rejected.