Our Performance range offers the lightest, highest performance wheels for modern bikes, which are lighter and more capable than ever.

Wheels need to be light and stiff for acceleration and climbing but equally comfortable and reliable for the increasingly tough descents you will find on modern race courses.


Finding the perfect balance of accuracy and grip means balancing rigidity and optimizing tire profiles for both the front and rear wheels. Specific front and rear rims allow us to tune rim designs to match the rigidity and width to each wheel's specific job.


Often need to run higher pressures than you want to give you peace of mind. Not with an MP wheel, thanks to our Pinch Protection design. And thanks to our extensive testing and Keep on Rolling program, you can ride with confidence.


Lighter wheels reduce rotational weight, while stiffer rear wheels offer more efficient power transmission. Carefully tuning the front and rear wheel designs to optimize stiffness and weight means OQUO wheels accelerate with minimum effort.