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Our guarantee

We use the best materials and testing procedures in the industry but what if something does break? Don’t worry, our warranty covers manufacturing defects during the warranty period. In the unlikely event that your wheel suffers a manufacturing defect then we will repair or replace with no cost.

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3 year warranty

Our warranty covers manufacturing defects for a period of 3 years.

All wheel components

Our warranty covers all wheel components for manufacturing defects.

Repair or replace

If your warranty claim is successful we will repair or replace your wheel at no cost and return it to you as new.

Replacement in case of accident

We understand that carbon wheels are a big investment. So that you can ride in confidence, in addition to our warranty, we offer a crash replacement policy for our carbon rims.


Wheels must be registered within 30 days of purchase.


In case of accident damage return the wheel to an official OQUO dealer who will send it to our of our official service centers.

Replace and rebuild

In addition to the replacement rim our subsidised repair program covers replacement spokes, nipples and a rebuild.

As good as new

Your wheel will be returned to you as good as new.

Pro Technical Service

Our technical service is the easiest way to keep your wheels in perfect condition.

Clean and inspect

Return the wheels to an official OQUO dealer. They will advise you on turnaround time and costs.

Hub Service

Change the bearings and grease the hub.

Spoke service

Any worn spokes or nipples will be replaced and the rim tape will be changed.


The wheel will be retensioned and trued before being returned to you like new.

Register your wheels

Do not forget to register your wheels to enjoy all the benefits that being the owner of our wheels entitle you to.


We’re here to help. Ask us!

We have a team of people available to answer any questions that might arise and give you support for anything you need.

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Find an OQUO store

Find your nearest OQUO dealer and we will provide their contact information.

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