<strong>Angled Spoke Holes<strong>

Angled Spoke Holes

Matching the angle of the spoke hole to the angle that the spoke leaves the rim at means that we can greatly reduce the stress at the spoke head. Implementing this technology requires added design and manufacturing work but the result is a far more reliable wheel with less chance of breaking spokes.

Spokes exit the rim at an angle of around 2º- 9º depending on the wheel; however, many wheels have spoke holes that are drilled at 90º to the rim. This misalignment of the hole in the rim and the spoke causes a bend as the spoke leaves the rim, creating a zone of higher stress and significantly weakening the wheel. When manufacturing our rims we carefully drill each hole to match the spoke angle accurately. This means the nipple sits securely on the rim, spreading the forces as widely as possible, and the spoke runs straight from the rim to the flange on the hub. Having front and rear-specific rims helps since the angles in each wheel are slightly different, and we can take this into account rather than taking an average angle.

This requires a lot of extra work, careful wheel design, manufacturing, and of course, careful testing, however, the result is a much stronger, more reliable wheel with much less chance of breaking a spoke or damaging the nipple. We think that you will agree that it is worth it.