Many enduro riders prefer an aluminum rim, and we believe they shouldn't have to settle for second best. Our MC32 TEAM wheelset is packed full of clever features giving a strong, puncture-resistant rim that is stiff but compliant enough to reduce fatigue on the longest stages and find grip where other riders don't.

Using a front and rear-specific design is key to the performance of this wheel; front wheels are designed to find grip and support a wider tire at lower pressures, while rear wheels maximize power transmission and puncture resistance.

Of course, our wheels are fully tubeless compatible out of the box and use the highest quality DT-Swiss hubs and Sapim spokes.

Core technologies


On tubeless wheels, punctures happen when the tire is pinched between an external object and the edge of the rim. Increasing the width of the rim profile in these points greatly reduces the likelihood of these punctures.

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Asymmetric rims allow us to make a more triangular shape with the spokes from each side of the rim, balancing the spoke lengths and tensions. This means each spoke takes an equal amount of strain. In short, asymmetric rims mean fewer spoke sizes, more balanced tensions, and stronger, more reliable wheels.

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Matching the angle of the spoke hole to the angle that the spoke leaves the rim at means that we can greatly reduce the stress at the spoke head. Implementing this technology requires added design and manufacturing work but the result is a far more reliable wheel with less chance of breaking spokes.


There is more stress on a rim where the spokes exert tension. Reinforcing these areas increases the reliability of the rim without adding excessive weight.


In our reliability testing j-bend spokes show a significant increase in fatigue resistance, meaning a wheel which stays true and strong for longer.


Our secure nipple lock ensures that your spokes stay tensioned just as they were when they left our factory. This in turn means that your wheel stays stronger for longer.


Hookless rims have straight sidewalls, rather than a hooked design. The main advantage is that they are lighter however with our Wide Bead design we have also measured a significant improvement in impact resistance.

Technical specifications